GAMA Offshore Engineering is a division of OMEGA group, equipped with specialized services and advanced techniques of analysis for all types of offshore structures, dedicates in providing end to end solutions for its offshore clients. 


The division specializes in delivering design solutions from small specific tasks to complete engineering solutions. The expertise includes Structural Design and Analysis, Design Calculations, Concept Designs, Conversions, Engineering and Project Management.

GAMA Offshore Engineering team comprises of

  • Engineering Management Team
  • Offshore Structural Engineers
  • Naval Architects
  • Marine Engineers
  • Geotechnical Engineers

With a supporting team of Engineers and Draftsmen, the division utilizes its experience and expertise in the latest softwares available in the market, at various phases of the design and engineering activities, as listed below;

  • Analysis of fixed offshore platforms
  • Design and Analysis of topsides, decks, etc.
  • Reassessment of existing offshore oil platforms
  • Global Analysis of floating structures
  • Launching Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Load out and transportation analysis
  • Installation analyses
  • Independent review of transport and installation engineering
  • Stability Analysis (intact and damage)
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Loading Conditions and Preload / Ballasting Procedures
  • Construction, Commissioning and Refurbishment Support

Our team is our strength and we believe in total commitment to our quality-conscious clients by providing them reliable and cost-effective engineering solutions. 

Our Engineering team is proficient in following Softwares;

  • SACS


We understand the importance of expert planning for the successful delivery of projects; identifying and mitigating potential risk early creates an environment conducive to delivering the overall project to schedule and within budget. Our independent technical advice, coupled with our up to date knowledge of vessels and equipment, enables us to optimally assist our clients with the management of risk, quality and project delivery.

Our Management Services are further supported by our experienced QHSE team; we offer clients direct access to and input from, our qualified personnel in order to ensure services are in line with current and future legislation.

Knowledge is one of our key competencies; we strive to maintain this through continual improvement, ensuring every member of our team is trained and equipped to the highest standards, keeping us at the fore of the offshore industry.

The Offshore Management Team has extensive operating experience and offers versatile solutions in the management which can be tailored to fit the needs and demands of its clients and operational area.

Our management services include:

  • Desktop and feasibility studies
  • Project and contract management
  • Project cost control and planning
  • Consultancy
  • Fleet management
  • Methodology and procedure development
  • CDM/QHSE compliance

Pipeline Services

We are committed to provide our customers a high level of efficient services customized to their requirement with its ability to meet the ever changing offshore demand through innovation and relentless commitment. Our innovative approach oversees the success of each project to ensure that clients’ expectations are fully met.

We and our partners provide specialized offshore services in 3 main segments; offshore field joint coating, welding services and non-destructive pipeline test. The core solutions offered ranges from High Density Polyurethane Foam Infill, Fusion Bonded Epoxy and other specialized coatings for Field Joint Coating that require specialized application treatments including Closed-Circuit Blasting and Heat Treatment by Induction Heating. For Non-Destructive Test segments which includes Radiographic Test, Magnetic Test & Ultrasonic Test. 

Weather Forecasting Services

MetOcean Forecasting as Exclusive Representative of StormGeo

  • Regular forecast updates provided 2-4 times a day. Critical operation forecast provided up to 8 times a day.
  • Regional & Local Short-term outlooks (0-6 days) and location-specific forecasts with detailed, quality controlled weather and ocean parameters.

  • Standard point forecast 3-hour resolution provided up to 72 hours (3-day forecast) and 6-hour resolution from 73-144 hours (6-day forecast).
  • Possibility of increasing resolution to 1-hour for the first 24-hours (1 day) and extending the forecast up to 240 hours (10 day)
  • Highly flexible tables and Plots:
    • Parameters can be added/removed by the user
    • Criteria are easily added to locate weather windows
  • Easy access to forecast via a dedicated StormGeo web-portal
  • Forecasts distributed by email as a PDF attachement after every update, upon Request. 
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