Weather Forecasting Services

Weather Forecasting

MetOcean Forecasting as Exclusive Representative of StormGeo

  • Regular forecast updates provided 2-4 times a day. Critical operation forecast provided up to 8 times a day.
  • Regional & Local Short-term outlooks (0-6 days) and location-specific forecasts with detailed, quality controlled weather and ocean parameters.

  • Standard point forecast 3-hour resolution provided up to 72 hours (3-day forecast) and 6-hour resolution from 73-144 hours (6-day forecast).
  • Possibility of increasing resolution to 1-hour for the first 24-hours (1 day) and extending the forecast up to 240 hours (10 day)
  • Highly flexible tables and Plots:
    • Parameters can be added/removed by the user
    • Criteria are easily added to locate weather windows
  • Easy access to forecast via a dedicated StormGeo web-portal
  • Forecasts distributed by email as a PDF attachement after every update, upon Request. 

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